Saturday, March 30, 2013

My First Giveaway

So I made a mistake.  Last post, I was so excited because my new needles from Knit Picks had arrived and I was all set to make this second pair of socks.  The mistake?  I need longer than 4 inches of needle.  My hands are just too big for these needles.  So after struggling through most of the leg portion of my first Asymmetrical Cables sock, I have thrown in the towel, bought a pair of HiyaHiyas and admitted to myself that I will never be able to use these needles.

My new needles that don't poke me in the palm.

The needles that I wanted to use.
So I have decided to give away the whole set of 4" Harmony Wood knitting needles on this blog.  I will take all of the comments from now until Friday, April 5, 2013 at midnight CST and run them through a random number generator to pick a winner.

Please tell me in your comment what your dream sock looks like.

But look at those cables!


  1. My dream socks...
    They're flashy. I'll be honest, I don't mind making a splash. Bright colors, definitely. Probably of a simple, straightforward pattern with not a lot of fussy stitching, as to show off the beautiful colors of the hand-painted sock yarn. Something in an aqua. With pink. (What do you think - too much?)

    (I'm KristaHyde on Ravelry.)

  2. I like color, some patterning but not so much that it would take away from the colors. I like working with some of the hand painted sock yarns. I have used the monkey sock pattern and its fun, but I liked it better with a solid color. Currently working on a pair that is using the eye of the partridge on the heel aspect of the sock. It is giving it a bit of a "pretty" on a rather otherwise simple straightforward pattern.

  3. We're dreaming, right? Ok. My dream socks would be knee highs pulled up over my thin, long, but shapely legs. I'd wear a shortish skirt to show off the socks. The socks would have a picot edge and an eyelet rib pattern up it's length. The color would be a delicate pink, hand-dyed, of course, to obtain a sight variation.
    strawberrykid on ravelry.

  4. My dream socks would be full of colorwork - bright, vibrant colors knit together to form a beautiful pattern - and they would knit themselves.

  5. My dream socks are soft, warm and fairly simple. Blue or green so they go with lots. My favorite pattern is a small 2x2 cable with a single two stitch rib between the cables.

  6. My dream socks would be a pair with cables!!! I just started knitting in Nov. and cables look too much for me to do. I love the ones you are working on.

  7. My dream socks would be 100 per cent wool, soft soft soft wool, but with the durability of the yarn with some man made fibre. The main feature I want is a sock that doesnt come off when I take my boots off!!! So snug fit. I want machine washable. Non felting. A nice black with say white tatting embellishment. (I once made a pair for a gift and really wished I could keep them).
    Thanks for running this comp.
    Sandrada on Rav

  8. What a most generous giveaway! My dream socks... hmm good question. Once I get started on knitting socks I am always thinking about the next pair. Sock knitting can be so addictive ;-)

    First and foremost, my socks always need to be and therefore always are knee high, when I knit them for myself. Nothing so unpleasant as cold feet?! Secondly, I love different but symmetrical things. Like the cables on the left side for the one and on the right side for the other sock. But that is dreaming about wearing...

    My dream socks that I one day hope to knit are toe up socks. One day.

    Ciao, Fleur

  9. My dream socks are ones that I can wear with my sandals. Yes, I am a freak who loves to wear sandals all year round. Only problem is I live where it snows. My winter boots are, yes you gues it sandals. I love hand knitted socks. Throw in a few cables or a bit of lace and I would be happy. Of course, they must be toe up since I hate grafting

  10. My dream socks are slightly longer than most regular sock patterns but not as high as knee socks, an extra inch or two long. They have a pattern of ribbing and cables, which keeps them from slouching. The pattern keeps going to the toes so that the socks fit my narrow feet. Right now, I'd want them in some sort of dreamy spring or summer colours, maybe inspired by crocus flowers or tulips or lilacs!

  11. Wow. Thanks for such a great giveaway.
    My dream socks would be some stripey knee high 100% cashmere socks. Or maybe even thigh high. Perfect for snuggling up with a book and my kitteh.

  12. Hi!
    I am sorry that these DPN's didn't work out for you! Although I must admit this is an amazing opportunity for one lucky person!!! Thank you for offering it!!
    My dream socks would be a pair that I could knit on my own needles LOL! I am always borrowing my best friends who introduced me to knitting. I would have to say the size of my dream socks would have to be close to knee high, and the design would have to include some cabling up the length on each side. I think I would have to choose a bright color! Something fun and cheerful because I like deep, darker colors for the rest of my clothing. I am thinking a bright purple and pink mix would be cute...
    And since these are dream socks can I also dream that there is no ripping back during this knit! LOL!!
    HotCraftyGirl on Rav.

  13. My dream socks look like Pedi Socks cuz I like to show off my pedi's.
    I'd make them in a verigated red/pink/rose and they will have beads or bling.
    QTWIQ on RAV

  14. My dream socks?
    First off, I'd have to have the legs ^strawberry_kid described.
    Second, cream cashmere yarn.
    Third -- they'd look like a stitch sampler, with cables, natch.
    Forth -- thigh highs that stay on.
    Finally -- they're gonna have to be knit by someone else. And probably for someone else 'cuz I'll never have those legs!

    PS -- saw this posted in the Rav Forums. I'll stay and poke around, too!

  15. My dream socks would be

    Soft as cashmere but machine washable
    Snug on my foot
    Wide enough to fit my large legs but stay up
    3/4 up my leg
    Lovely colour work - then I'd know I didn't knit them.
    olivetree on rav

  16. M dream socks are plain vanilla in a luciously soft yarn.
    sparky136 on ravelry

  17. My dream socks would be made with some bright rainbow color yarn. I will pull off my shoes and tell everyone to look at my beautiful hand knitted socks.

  18. My dream socks are the first pair I actually knit. ;) I'm eyeing a pattern for a pair of yoga socks!

  19. Wow, what a generous contest! My dream socks are completely covered in tiny cables. I loves me some cables.

  20. I dream of the day I can make toe up socks. And red! With hearts on them! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to try these needles on baby socks and since it's my birthday week, it would be absolutely fabulous if I won them!

  21. My dream socks would be made so that they'd never need darning and never pill. Knit from the top down, there would be cables around the leg, but fairly vanilla on the foot, so that they wouldn't feel too bumpy in shoes.

    Glad you found some needles that work for you!

    triedandtrue on Rav

  22. My dream socks involve cables. If I ever finish the pair I'm knitting now, I'll start some! What a nice giveaway! So sorry you can't use your new needles though!

  23. My dream socks would be knit top down, be covered in twisted stitches, and would be knitted with merino yarn. Soft and pretty.

    greyowl (on ravelry)

  24. my dream sock is colorful, fits perfectly and fun to knit!

  25. My dream socks would be toe- up with cables and lace! I suffer from second sock syndrome so actually knitting both of them would be a major dream maker!

  26. Entry from a Ravelry PM:

    DPN giveaway
    Sent at 4:43 PM Yesterday

    I can’t post for some reason but still wanted to enter. My dream socks would be socks that actually fit. I black sock making skills!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. What a generous giveaway! My dream socks would be a whole drawer full of handknitted socks! I just finished my second pair last week. Thanks for the chance :-)

  28. My dream socks are fitted, soft and semi-solid! I've just started knitting socks so my wish list is basic at this moment! Have a great week.

  29. hi

    my dream socks are soft, a good fit and in a soft grey with cables of some sort.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. My dream socks change every day. I love digging in the sock yarn basket and pulling out a new colorway to work on. I can't wait to fill every drawer in my house.


  31. My dream socks would be very colorful with leafy designs on them. I love nature and trees, and leaves.

  32. I've been lucky enough to receive a couple of pairs of hand made socks in swaps; I have yet to venture into making them myself. :/
    My dream socks are a neutral color, probably gray, with intricate twisted stitches twining up my leg. Someday.....

  33. My dream socks would have lots of cables and have to be knee high!
    Nothing varigated for yarn though, something solid or tonal would be fabulous. BTW your socks look amazing:)

  34. I have never made socks, although I want to... In my mind, the dream sock would be very colorful... with lots of lime green and pink... almost like a watermelon... but with cables and even some lace...

  35. Dream socks? Solidly colored and really lacy and as long as possible!