Monday, March 25, 2013

A Mystery Solved

Hello internet peoples!  I have finally solved the Mystery of the Missing Knit Picks Box.  After checking the website and following the tracking number link to find out that the box was delivered on the 19th, I asked the neighbor if she had seen it, and low and behold, it was sitting in their kitchen.  We have an apartment with three girls living in it next to us and about once a year one of them moves out and a new one moves in.  Apparently that was happening this month and my box got mixed up in the confusion.  I am just glad that I found it.

Of course I was so excited, that I immediately cast on for the Asymmetrical Cables sock that I plan on making for the month of April for The Sock Project.

Finally started.
I'm afraid that they are still not in a very exciting color, but soon I will make a pair for myself again and those will be in more interesting colors.  I am, however, very excited about the design of these socks.

I also got some blocking done today because I finally have the Euclan that I ordered.

Hooray for Euclan!
The nice thing about not getting my box of goodies on time is that I actually finished all of the projects that I had on needles and it made me feel restless.  So I started on a designing project.  It is now in the works and I will update you about it when I am finished.

If anyone would still like to knit along on the Asymmetrical Cables socks, it is not too late.  You can comment on this blog, message me on Ravely (BettyCrocket) or just send me an email at

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