Monday, March 11, 2013

Casting On to New Adventures

I did it!  I made it through the gusset decreases last night and cast on the Big Cosy Cowl!

The hank of Mushishi really is huge.  I mean HUGE.  It is 450 odd yards of worsted weight.  When I untwisted the hank, it was 3 feet across.  So I decided that I did not want to ball it.  I have no patience for balling and it would make a gigantic ball of yarn.  So I improvised.

I give you . . . the yarn holder:

Ingenuity at its best.

A bit crude, and you still have to be careful about unwinding the yarn from the skein.  But I think that this is something that I can manage.

Also, today I got the book Sock Knitting Master Class.  I'm very excited to pick up new techniques while working on socks.  The sock pattern for April will likely be from this book. 

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