Friday, November 1, 2013

A Knitting Hermit?

I wimped out.  I didn't go to the Fiber Arts Guild meeting.  I just didn't have it in me.  I will go to the next meeting after first making contact with the group.  

I also feel apprehensive about the spinning class tomorrow.  What if I don't feel up to interacting with people?  I think all of this anxiety is something that I had best just push myself through.  I sometimes get this way, but once I am actually out of the house, I tend to have a good time.

Well, enough obsessing about my social anxiety.  The week has gotten rough since Tuesday, with the anxiety and my sleep schedule being thrown completely off, but I have managed to cast on for my Even Flow Sweater!

So far, so good.  What you can see in the picture is the back between the shoulders and I have just started working the right front panel.

Other than that, I have only been plugging away at the black socks.  I have a few more design projects on the needles that I hope to get out in November, I am waiting on pH paper to dye more yarn, and I will definitely keep all of you updated on how the spinning class goes tomorrow.  I have to admit, I am excited to learn about making yarn.  But really, who wouldn't be?

One last thing: I would like to thank everyone who downloaded my dishcloth pattern.  48 downloads and counting!

The sweater thus far

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