Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have almost finished my Ashton Shawlette! Not bad for my first shawl. Lace is fun; it is nice and rhythmic and never boring. 

I did most of the work while I was in Virginia last week and I will finish the knitting here in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, I won't be able to block it until I get back home to Custer and that won't be until the 16th. 

I did end up switching to a circular needle. It was just too many stitches for the straight needles. But I was lucky enough to find a lovely little yarn shop in Alexandria, VA that carried Hiya Hiya circulars. 

While in Virginia, I also picked up some new yarn that will hopefully end up in a designing project. 

As for myself, I am feeling ok. Sad sometimes and happy others. I am starting to be a little tired of traveling and I find that I am getting anxious to be home and working on projects. But I will enjoy it while I can and get the most of it. 

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